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Primary Care Seboche Hospital, Lesoth


 Our service delivery in Seboche is twofold, that is, both at the hospital and at community level. Services offered at community level are predominately health promotion and preventive in nature. Collectively they constitute the essential public health interventions under the Essential Services Package (ESP) that include: health education and promotion, education and awareness creation; child survival which includes immunization and nutrition, management of common diseases, community mobilization, outreach services which are immunization sessions, growth monitoring; Environmental Health that includes promotion of good sanitation, safe drinking water, good environmental and personal hygiene.


  1. Reproductive health, which includes Youth Development, Child Health and Maternal Health
  2. Child Survival which includes immunization, child welfare and nutrition
  3. HTC
  5. TB
  6. Community Health Care Services including VHWS Program
  7. Social Development
  8. Environmental Health (see Environmental Health)
  9. Oral Health (see Dentistry)


Youth Development

The purpose of the visits or campaign was to create awareness among the youth and adolescents at primary and high schools on teenage pregnancy and its consequences, the importance of knowing one’s status, facts about TB, importance of oral health and the importance of remaining negative and also living positively with HIV for those who were found to be HIV infected. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  1. The physical and physiological changes at puberty
  2. Teenage pregnancy and its consequences
  3. STI including HIV and AIDS
  4. Benefits of “KNOW YOUR STATUS”

Maternal and Child Health Services

Ante Natal Care

ANC Services are provided 4 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Partners are encouraged to be involved in the clinic to improve the overall health as a family. Services include: HTC, TT Vaccination, USS, and STI screenings, typically once per month. In following the PMTCT Guidelines, which indicate that all pregnant women should know their status, we encourage all positive pregnant and lactating women to be put on ART. We see about 20 new ANC patients per month and about 190 subsequent.

Post Natal Care

PNC Services for mothers and babies are available starting from 7 days after delivery up to 5 years old. Our services include: CACX screening, immunizations: BCG, Polio, Penta, measles, Albendazole and Vitamin A, PMTCT, and TB Screening. Over 4,473 patients were immunized in 2015 alone.



The cornerstone of this program remains as survival, development, and protection of all children under 5 years of age through childhood vaccines for preventable diseases through immunizations and nutrition, inclusive of community and facility based growth monitoring.

  • According to projections, the population of children under one is 398. For the period under review there is some improvement in the immunisation coverage. For an example: in 2013, measles coverage was 59% while 2014 it was 71%.

Nutrition Corner

Our Nutrition Corner is held once per month on the last Friday, where mothers of malnourished children meet to discuss nutrition related challenges. Our trained staff conducts cookery demonstrations to give mothers the confidence to be able to implement the nutritional practices learned. Number of enrolled children ranges from 9-16.


Community Healthcare Seboche Hospital Lesotho


Activities at the community level are provided through Village Health Workers (VHWS) who are the first level of care. The village health workers refers to the hospital which is the secondary level and in turn refers to the tertiary level when need arise. The VHWS are supervised and supported by the Public health nurse, health assistants and other team members from PHC department.

At community level, VHWS work hand in hand and with the support of the local authorities (chiefs, community councilors, village health committees, mothers in law support groups, teachers, traditional healers and other community committees including the community coordinating bodies.)  


Community Development Seboche Hospital Lesotho


Under our Social Development Services, the role of the department is to extend a helping hand to the needy and offer holistic support to ensure good quality life for our most vulnerable community members.

Psycho-social Support

Psycho-social support is offered to help patients of all ages to cope with and overcome traumatic situations in their lives. The same areas of the brain that are activated when we experience physical pain, are also activated when we undergo emotional pain. However, in some cases, the physical ailment may heal faster then the mental distress associated with it. We have a full-time social worker on staff, as well as other trained staff to provide counseling services.

Orphan Care

We provide care to the needy by way of shelter, food, clothing, and schooling. It has also become standard practice for the hospital to give food packages to the orphans and other vulnerable community members during the holiday seasons. These efforts are only possible with the support of some of our hospital suppliers, such as TP Technologist, Khuphukani Medical Supplier and our hospital staff.


"Primary Healthcare teaches people to take care of themselves by teaching them to take responsibility for their own healthcare."
Mrs. Mamokone Mohlaba, Primary Healthcare Director



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