Your health and the health of the community is linked to the health of our environment. As an organization we take the cleanliness and sanitation of our facilities seriously, as well as the impact we have on our environment.Through our Environmental Health Programming, under our PHC Department, we promote good sanitation practices, safe drinking water, good environmental and personal hygiene. We have implemented the following strategies to better monitor and improve our environmental health practices.


Water and Sanitation

Water is tested quarterly for safety of our staff, patients and community. It is imperative to avoid water borne diseases. Regular inspections of the water source are continually conducted.




Occupational Health and SafetyOccupational Health and Safety Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Monthly inspections are conducted to evaluate safety measures taken by our management and staff. Fire extinguishers were checked for their due date of expiry, proper labels, adequate number of fire alarms in working condition, and ease of access to Emergency Exits. General lighting practices are also inspected for good natural lighting, no direct or reflected glare, and lighting in place for emergency use. Employees are also randomly inspected to ensure appropriate dress of protective clothing, such as nosebags, goggles, and helmets.


Healthcare Waste and ManagementHealthcare Waste and Management Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

A three-bin system is used in each department of the hospital, and refuse bags are always available to assist with the correct disposal of different waste materials. Supervision and training of the maintenance staff includes visiting various departments of the hospital to discuss departmental waste management methods, with emphasis placed on proper methods of segregation.


Food HygieneFood Hygiene Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Inspection of food handler certificates at Seboche Hospital Kitchen is conducted regularly. All kitchen staff have obtained their medical certificates.





Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Considerable effort has been made in reducing energy costs associated with our hospital campus. Solar thermal water heaters meet over 60% of our hot water needs.

As we continue to grow as a facility, we plan to develop more measures to ensue the health of campus and village communities now and in the future.