We have committed serious efforts to making our curative care services comprehensive and specialized to meet your needs. Different areas of our facilities are dedicated to providing you with the outpatient and inpatient care you need. We specialize in tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS treatment, maternity and pediatric care and offer referral services when necessary. We offer both inpatient and outpatient services.


In-Patient Care:

 Our In-patient Department includes the maternity, male, female and pediatric wards. It also includes hospitalization for tuberculosis patients (AFB +). In March 2015, the hospital also added a new department named the High Care Unit for patients with intensive care treatment needs.



In the Maternity Department we offer obstetric services to all patients coming to the hospital from all over Lesotho and beyond its borders. The services include antenatal, intra partum and postpartum as well as neonatal care. Due to an increasing number of deliveries and our aim to improve maternity services, the Nursing department allocated 10 midwives to the department. The additional staff has helped our Maternity Ward to see a remarkable increase in the quality of service delivery.

Maternity Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Female Ward Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Female Ward

The Female Ward includes a dedicated wing of the Hospital that is devoted to giving holistic care to its female patients without fear or favoritism or discrimination in line with the Mission Statement of the hospital. HIV and related conditions are the leading cause of hospitalization. Systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and kidney failure together constitute a major cause of hospitalization.

Male Ward

Just like our female ward, the male ward has also been allocated its own wing of the hospital, with staff dedicated to offering a holistic approach to men’s health, based on our Mission Statement. As in the female ward, HIV and associated diseases are the main cause of admission. Unlike the female ward, the pathology is essentially infectious. Usually these male patients show up at a very advanced stage of the disease, which leaves us with limited opportunity to treat their problems on time.

Male Ward Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Pediatric Ward Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Pediatric Ward

We have 11 available beds in our Pediatric Ward. The attendance of this department is typically seasonal, often filled in the summer period. With the development of PMTCT, there have been much lower admissions of HIV positive children, which show a great achievement for this program.

Tuberculosis Ward

Patients who need more intensive treatment than we can provide in our outpatient clinic and need to be hospitalized are admitted to our TB Ward. The extra support given through inpatient care can make the difference to ensure an individual receives all treatments necessary without the difficulty of locating transport to our facility.


TB Ward Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

High Care Unit Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

High Care Unit

This unit was established in the 25th March 2015 with the aim of reducing referrals of acute cases but critical that can be managed in the facility. It is staffed with one medical officer, three registered nurses, three nursing assistants and two ward aids. After its first year of implementation, we have already seen great results.


Surgical Unit

On average we conduct over 200 major procedures per year. Cesarean Section operations account for about 2/3 of all major interventions. Other major interventions such as hysterectomy and laparotomy are also performed at a lower frequency.

Surgical Unit Seboche Hospital, Lesotho

Anestheology Seboche Hospital Lesotho


Four types of techniques are used in the facility namely spinal anesthesia, general with or without intubation and sometimes a combination of both, general and spinal. The hospital has two trained professional anesthesiologists on staff to assist with all surgical procedures.




Out-Patient Care:

 Our Out-Patient Department includes the ART Clinic and Tuberculosis Office. Services at OPD start from 08:00am until 16:30pm, but occasionally continue until 19:00pm based on need. In the morning, health education is provided to all patients, from there patients are screened for TB and go for vital signs then consultation.


ART Clinic

Our ART Clinic is the department of the hospital that was introduced with the purpose of providing HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support to one of the most vulnerable populations of our communities, those suffering with HIV/AIDS. The Clinic provides voluntary HIV counseling and testing with provision of free ARV and follow-up treatments to all eligible patients. HIV/AIDS awareness is also promoted through education and prevention strategies in our community.

ART Clinic Seboche Hospital Lesotho


TB Office Seboche Hospital Lesotho

Tuberculosis Office

In our Tuberculosis Outpatient Office, we aim to provide effective TB care through supporting our patients infected with TB throughout their treatment until they are cured. When patients find it too difficult to access our outpatient facility, we also utilize our mobile care team to bring TB interventions to our rural community members.

We are available 7 days per week from 8:30am to 16:30PM and 24 hours per day for emergencies.

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