Physiotherapy Workshop

On monday morning the 28th of november we started our annual physio-workshop. Six health workers participate in practical an theoretical lectures. Our teachers are from switzerland. Thuso W. Fasser qualified Physiotherapist, Ina Franzen qualified Physiotherapist and Jenny Pratesi Expert in Natural Medicine and Clinical Massage we are happy for this unique Occasion. The key topic Read More …

A New Born

once again we have been blessed not so long ago we were celebradting the arrival of a new born weighing 5.12kgs but yesterday we received and welcomed another one weighing a staggering 5.2kg. and we thank the lord for the two are God be the glory

First Genotyping Project in Lesotho

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the first ever genotyping project in Lesotho and yes it’s in Seboche. We keep improving and upgrading. This genotyping project is funded by the good people of Solidarmed, Swiss TPH, Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel and Seboche Hospital. The goal for genotyping is to identify mutations of Read More …